We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:

When a customer of ours decided upon a more complex site design than originally discussed, we needed to complement our own graphic design & HTML skills with a company that could provide the more complex PHP infrastructure.

After some interviewing, we decided upon PHPOutsourcing to be our development partner. Not only did they have a firm grasp of what we were trying to achieve, but they also offered insightful guidance as to improvements that could be made and stayed within budget and completed on time.

We will certainly be utilising the PHPOutsourcing Team on new projects in 2003.

Darren Lee, President, ThinkTank Marketing Inc

Firstly, thanks again for the marvellous work, and I can promise you that I will be definitely working with you again in the future, as the work you have done so far has been excellent; your understanding of the drafts and changes made along the way have proved inciteful and expert. I'd be happy by the way to be a reference for PHP, if you ever add a "testimonials" section to your website

Derek M. Peterson www.ConstructionWork.com

Wow. You guys work fast. I'm impressed. You guys do great work and show great promise.

Tom Belcher