We understand how important communication is to the success of a project. It is for that reason that we keep you informed at all times of the particular phase of the project being worked on, the expected time of completion for each phase as well as the entire project. The workflow is as follows:

Initial Consultation Our aim is to contact the key individuals, clearly understand the requirements and then make a decision about working together on the project.
Analysis We specify the requirements of the desired system and set them out formally in a requirement specification.
Design We make the production plan of the system, its capabilities and how it will be achieved.
Implementation It is in this phase the program is written according to specifications. We supply demo applications giving the client an opportunity to provide feedback. By working together in this way, the client has input opportunity throughout the programming stage to fine tune the final product.
Testing The multi-phase testing contains the module tests, the system test responsible for the connection of the modules and the effectiveness tests performed by the client.
Handover In this phase, we turn over the well defined software package to the client and if necessary assist with the installation at the customer's site. Expenses related to this represent an additional charge.
Support By mutual agreement at the beginning of the project we will set out the length of time we will be able to help with trouble shooting and further developments on request.

We are dedicated to working closely with the customer, emphasizing the quality of management and security aspect throughout the life of the project.