You can find here some projects we have been working, or currently working on. We don't expose here our clients' emails, in order to prevent them from being spammed. However, if you are interested in their opinion about us, we can send you their contact information.

We could not provide links in some cases, when the applications are installed on our partner's intranet, or the content is confidential.

May be the World's largest classical concert and opera program database with more than 10.000 concerts all around the world. Cancerts are searchable by city and by date.
This site allows those requiring the services of a qualified mediator or arbitrator (legal practitioners, employers, HR managers, professional organizations, union staff etc.) to quickly identify suitable candidates to help settle their dispute. ADRWeb is also intended to help promote the practices of Canada's growing community of dispute resolution professionals.
This is the USA variant of the above site.

Both this and the above site features a very sophisticated calendar feature that allows the subscribers to maintain their availability and display it for the searchers who can view and email these complex date matrices.
A large online shop for presentation devices - projectors, plasma screens, LCD TVs and all their accessories.
This is the United Kingdom version of the above PresentationStore site.
Match Seeker
This is an online dating service that provides a safe and anonymous way to meet other people. Besides the features that every dating sites have (profile maintenance, complex searches amongst the members, instant messaging, etc.), it has some specialty that were a great challenge for us as programmers - e.g. there is a complex point system that maintains the matching amount betwen each two members of the site.
My Interactive Journal
"MIJ is an online journal that helps you to capture those special or funny moments that are so easily forgotten but make life so worthwhile"

"MIJ helps you to comprehensively record a life (your child's or your own) securely utilising the Internet."

A very specific and extremely complicated application that powers this great Australian site. It includes also a shopping cart modul which has been made as a customization of one of our free products Noah's Classifieds.
The Employment Lawyer Directory
One of largest database in the USA for employment lawyers and possible plaintiffs. Wrongful dismissed employers can submit their cases and the lawyers review them. The site virtually connects the lawyers and the plaintiffs. A visitor can search for a local lawyer in the database, lawyers can pay per case, or pay yearly fees. Payment processing is included in the system.
Canadian Employment Lawyers Network
The CELN is Canada's only professional organization that is exclusively comprised of lawyers who represent individual employees in cases involving wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, contractual disputes and all employment-related matters.
A travel agency that links accommodation with dental treatment. They manage a database of hotels and nearby dental practices. Administrator can upload images into different categories. Virtual galleries will be generated with the images.
Task Manager
intranet project
Directors, managers, supervisors, and executives can manage programs, projects, jobs and tasks. Comments can be added to the different entities, and direct messages can be sent between users.
Time sheet Application
confidential intranet project
A time sheet software where workers can input time spent with clients and the bills will be generated in every month for each client. There are a lot of statistics available for the administrators based on the time sheets.
The screen shot is blurred because of the confidentiality.
Intranet Message Board
confidential intranet project
Based on our product Zorum, we have developed a message board for a large British Telecom company with a lot of modifications to better integrate into the client's company environment.
The screen shot is blurred because of the confidentiality.